Monday, April 09, 2007

Funny one from friday

I've had a lot of work lately and I didn't get any really interesting hands as well, so I skipped a week to post...

Friday we had a funny one again. The auction went:
1! - pass - 1! - 1
2 - 2 - Dbl - pass*
3 - pass - 3** - Dbl
5 - all pass
(1 is 15+HCP any hand, 1 is negative)
(*) This pass is a poor choice imo, at the ** moment LHO clearly showed she was ready to bid 3, so she better did it right away.

Now we get following hands:


LHO starts with A, gets a high from partner, so switches to Q. This is really annoying since I don't have a safety play anymore (J will probably fall somewhere on AKQ, so cashing A would be the best play if LHO continued ).

So here we are, at the crossroads. Our communications have just been destroyed, and you need to play for no losers. 2 lines of play possible, only 1 will work, one of them is percentage (let Q run) while the other one is not (cash A). However you get the feeling that K is stiff offside, and I trust my intuition pretty much since I know I'm more right than wrong in such situations (I once read - I guess from Fred Gitelman - that you should test if you can trust your feeling, and never trust it if it fails you too much, or trust it when it's right most of the time). If this is one of those few times that I'm wrong, I better have some argument to play like this...

While I'm thinking about what I'm going to do, I hear my RHO sighing cause she's bored. So imo she knows that the contract will either go down anyway, or that it doesn't matter, or she just hopes that I start to play and take a poor decision. I know both my opponents pretty well, so I guess she has the K. Not good enough for an argument obviously, so I decide to let LHO help me out a bit. I play Q and LHO hesitates a bit before playing a low . I still know my opponents, so I'm quite sure she would never hesitate with Kx. So I took my A dropping the King! :-) The rest was easy: 3-3 and I still had a entry to discard the on T. 5+1.

Afterwards we had lots of fun at the bar because of the fact that I based my decision on RHO sighing. In Dutch we call a stiff King a "naked gentleman", so the dual interpretation caused a lot of laughter.
I think next week everyone will start sighing against me. :-)

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