Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Respond to asking bids!

A disaster from last week I want to share with you. Playing MOSCITO, the bidding starts:
1! - pass - 1! - 2
2NT - pass - 3 - pass
3NT - all pass

1 = 9-15HCP, 4+, can have longer m
1 = relay with invite or better hand
2NT shows stopper and maximum hand, probably pretty balanced

3NT down a few, 4 went only 1 down I think, but both contracts can be made if you find the stiff K...

First of all, my hand:
Partner blamed me for not bidding 3 instead of 3, to show a 3 card support. Imo he knows nothing about my hand, so he just has to respond to my question, "I'm the captain of this auction, I ask, you respond", end of story. What are the possible meanings for a 3 bid? I guess there's only one sensible one (since we're in a GF auction): asking for a double stopper. So bid 3NT with a double stopper, bid something else without it.

Now partner's hand:
Clearly no double stopper , so a clear 4 response (maybe even 4!). Partner said he can't know that I have a 3 card support, but he doesn't need to know this to respond to the question. I know why I ask the question, he doesn't.

Perhaps you're interested why I don't find 3 a good bid. Well basicly, I think 3 should show a 4+ card with slam interest! With invite/GF hands 4+ card support and no slam interest we immediatly start with a 2 response, so what else can 3 be after such an auction? Opener probably has a 4-4M, so why search for a 5-3 fit if he can hardly have a 5 card ? The only thing that interests me is a double stopper, without it I'll signoff in 4 which I thought would be a 4-3 fit (which is pretty ok with singleton in the short hand).

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