Thursday, October 26, 2006

Impossible slam?

I haven't had many interesting hands lately, except this one:


LHO starts the bidding, all Vulnerable (Matchpoints):
1 - 2 - pass - ?
With that partner in particular, I don't play fit jumps, and I didn't have enough trumps to splinter imo. So I just decided to jump to 4 and hope for the best. Partner made +2 thanks to a defensive blunder (AQ was behind the King, but somehow the guy decided it was a good idea to discard the Queen at some point), so there's only 5 available. Great one may say, but here's partner's hand:


We had 6 laydown if it's played by me (K protected, Q stiff onside). The problem is: how to get there? It's quite a weak hand to jump to 3 at this vulnerability although you have 7 of them. Either way, you'll probably never end up in 6 with a 6-1 fit while you have a 7-2 fit...

Anyone who can give me a convincing auction, be my guest. :-)

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