Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Short on entry's

You hold 4-Q7-742-KQJT953 and the bidding goes:

pass - 1! - pass - 1NT!
pass - 2! - 2 - 3
pass - 3NT - pass - ???

1 = 14+HCP, 5+, forcing for 1 round
1NT = 0-9HCP, 0-2
2 = minimum and natural, or 18+HCP any
3 probably shows 6-9HCP and a length, no 2s.

Now it's decision time: will you let partner play 3NT, or will you put him in 4 or 5? It's clear partner has 18+HCP, but will he be able to reach your s? Especially if you know a lead is coming, partner needs at least Ax or xxx to be safe. That's why I was about to bid . Now there's another question: is slam still possible? 4 would show slam interest, where 5 denies interest. Since we have no sure fit, and may well have 2 Aces or an AK outside, I decided slam was very far away and bid 5.

This was a huge success: partner had AKQJ3-A9642-K95-void. 3NT is a disaster, if they didn't intervene we'd probably end up in 4-1, 5 was laydown.

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