Thursday, June 01, 2006

Namyats 3NT or 4m

Lets talk about combining NAMYATS and minor preempts in your opening scheme.

First possibility:
3NT = Gambling

More and more people think that Gambling 3NT is a poor opening. I personally agree. Playing a light opening system, it gets more and more useful to open these natural and constructive. And opening 3NT wrongsides the contract for sure. Opening it 3 is brown sticker, so that's not always a possibility. So I really dislike the 1st opening scheme!

2nd & 3rd possibility:
3NT = 4-level preempt m

3NT = NAMYATS ( or , suit unknown)
4m = natural preempt

I guess these are very close. It's probably a matter of preference: preempt natural, or bid constructive with a known suit. We'd love to be able to open 4m natural AND open our NAMYATS knowing the Major.

I'm no fan of 3NT as 4-level m preempt. Ok, sometimes you can play 3NT, but that's quite rare imo (and the only advantage). On the other hand, now your opponents get extra bidding space (and probably penalty doubles), which kills most of the preemptive effect.
Opening 3NT as NAMYATS has the disadvantage that your partner doesn't know which Major you hold. If opponents intervene, you might get into trouble. You also give opponents extra bidding space.

NAMYATS is still a preemptive opening, but it's more constructive than the minor preempt. That's why I think playing 3NT as NAMYATS is superior. If you're weak, you should always try to bid natural and put up the pressure.


Free said...

I've had some discussion about this with my f2f partner, and we now found a probably superior scheme:
3NT = NAMYATS when NV / m preempt when V
4m = m preempt when NV / NAMYATS when V
Vulnerable 4-level minor preempts are quite rare, but when you're NV you really want to put up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

why not:

4m is namyats OR preempt!

works very well!

Free said...

In most of my partnerships, a NV minor preempt (4-level) is made with trash hands which specifically EXCLUDE 3NT as a possible contract. This means that, for example, 98765432 is a great suit to bid 4m with, but K8765432 is too good! Partner only needs Ax and you have 3NT virtually laydown.
V minor preempts are more solid, and usually don't exclude 3NT (they actually suggest to play 3NT if there is some support and stoppers), so we don't want to go past 3NT before partner has shared his opinion.

The suggestion of 4m as 2-way may work well for some preempting styles, but not for mine in particular. Partner is unable to cope with the opening bid with semi-good hands: good for a slam TRY opposite the NAMYATS, but not enough opposite the minor-trash-preempt.

Also, if LHO intervenes, your partner will have to make very difficult decisions. Not to mention the way you'll miss the easy monster-fit games/sacrifices if responder has 3 or 4 card support for your Major when he thinks it's a minor preempt. I don't want to explain such disasters to my team mates...