Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Misleading opponents

Following position might seem uninteresting:

K94 (dummy)

QJT2 (declarer)

However, if LHO has the Ace, you may be able to mislead him for an overtrick.

Defending 5 (only were bid) and you already have 1 trick, what would you play if RHO leads J to K94? I think most of us would play small and hope partner has the Q. Now declarer plays the K which obviously holds. Next he starts ruffing a long side suit (which will become high) and plays the 2, dummy having 94 left. Will you play the Ace now?

Perhaps it seems hard to see, but when you look at it for a moment you'll notice that there's no real reason not to play the Ace! If partner had Qx, declarer has 5s which is almost impossible. So either partner had Qxx (or more) and it doesn't matter, or partner had 3 small and you have to take it now before declarer pitches his losers on his long sidesuit.

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