Friday, May 12, 2006

Invention of new bids

Sometimes it's not easy to find a decent bid. Like the canapé article mentioned, it's not always easy to show a difference between 5M-4m and 4M-5m. And then you still have those nasty 4441's! Here's a possible hand:


The bidding starts:
1! - pass - 1! - pass
1NT! - pass - 2! - 2
1 showed 9-14HCP and 4+ (MAFIA style)
1 showed invite or better, relay
1NT showed any hand with 4, or a maximum balanced
2 is another relay

NOW your RHO intervenes (why didn't he do this before??) with 2. At this point, your partner already knows you either have a balanced hand, a 4-5m or a 3-suiter.
3m would definetly show 4-5+m, 2NT balanced with stop. So I thought, lets show our maximum hand without stop: 3. This however is no systemic bid, since we don't expect opponents to pass first and intervene later...

Afterwards I was glad to hear partner say that I could indeed only have this type of hand.

What if he immediatly bid 1? No problem, now I can show a maximum hand (with similar distributions) by bidding 1NT (so no minimum anymore). And if he intervenes with 2? Then I can only try 3 again, denying a 5+m or balanced hand with stop...

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